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customer Sandra M

necklace Morgan

I am the lucky recipient of my first Gemma Haus jewelry as a gift! My gold with black crystal "Morgan" necklace is delicate, elegant and the perfect size! I am petite, so appreciate the length options with the extended chain. This works with everything and any situation--just the right amount of sparkle. I LOVE IT! This will be my go-to graduation gift for my daughter. Thank you, Patty & Luciana!

customer Patty C

necklace Morgan

Excellent quality, beautiful design, a true delight. I bought this for my wonderful assistant and she absolutely loves it and wears it everyday. I have a few of my own so I love giving as gifts since everyone admires my necklace when I wear it.

customer Harmony

necklace Paula

The craftsmanship, quality, and heart present in each Gemma Haus piece is so very evident. I received my Paula necklace and even in the packaging and presentation, so much care is in each step. My necklace was carefully packaged in a beautiful box and an included sticker of their logo (so cute!) As for the necklace, I couldn't be happier with it. Not only is the design absolutely stunning, but it is so well made. I have bought my fair share of cheap necklaces from Zara, F21, and other similar outlets and they always tarnish or break and often within a week the "gold" has completely rubbed off! I have worn this necklace nonstop for weeks and the 14k gold fill has not tarnished or changed tone at all. There are also small details in the necklace that simply make it stand out- each star is carefully strung between fasteners and chain, not hung carelessly off from a c-ring like many other similar necklaces I've purchased. The length is perfection and I've gotten so many compliments on it already! All in all, I was so impressed from start to finish with this piece. I don't think I'll ever take it off and I will definitely be back for more!

customer Dominique R

necklace Sonia and Morgan

I bought the Sonia necklace and the Morgan necklace as a gift for my best-friend. It was her graduation/Xmas gift. She loved them! It was the perfect gift - she never takes it off. Now going to buy myself a few of my own.

customer Silvia L

necklace Alexandra

I purchased the Alexandra necklace for my granddaughter who will be 17 this year. I wanted to give her a piece of jewelry that is not only well made but looks exactly like Gemma Haus shows it on their web site. Beautiful, classy, feminine and very good quality. A piece you can wear with jeans or an elegant dress. I have several of these necklaces and have never had a problem. I get compliments all the time. This company is great for someone who wants to buy a nice piece of jewelry for the first time or those that have a drawer full!

customer Alix L

necklace Mona

I am obsessed with my "Mona" choker, and so is my Mom! The craftsmanship is so perfect and the necklace looks beautiful. I'm complimented everywhere I go -- thank you for this amazing outfit finishing LOOK.

customer Wynter

necklace Krista

I absolutely love this necklace! The length has been perfect for layering with my longer pendants, and the chain is delicate-yet-sturdy. The gems are set perfectly, and the color is a lovely shade of blue. Highly recommend!

customer Marissa W

necklace Harper

I love my new Harper necklace! It's piece that's appropriate to compliment both casual and formal outfits. Despite its affordable price, the necklace itself is extremely well made and looks expensive! I get a ton of compliments whenever I wear it. Would highly recommend this piece to someone looking for a trendy, cute necklace for everyday wear.

customer Reta

necklace Mona

I love my necklace! This is my second gemma haus necklace and I love it so much. It’s formal enough to wear for a special occasion (wore it to a wedding!) and classic enough for everyday wear. Truly a great piece and a new jewelry staple of mine.

customer Monica Y

necklace All of them

You can’t go wrong with ANY necklace on this site. They’re all super high quality and last forever, but most importantly they’re cute af. I love how they can customize each length to what fits you, so you know you’ll be happy with what you’re getting (just write a note to the jeweler!). The necklaces make great gifts (for friends, family or yourself) and I get complimented on them all the time. Highly recommend!!

customer Danielle P

necklace Raquel & Silvia

I've been a long time customer of Gemma - even back when they were just an Instagram based boutique! Good luck choosing which necklace you want, because they are all TRULY fabulous, perfectly unique and are sure to score you a days worth of compliments. Not being able to decide is part of the reason why I have a jewelry box full of them! The quality and craftsmanship of each necklace is just unmatched from any other boutique I've experienced at this price point. It's easy to feel how much love and care Luciana puts into creating each piece. No outfit is complete without my Gemma :) Trust me, you won't be disappointed!!!!

customer Morgan

necklace Morgan, Harper, Margaret

I absolutely adore both of my gemma haus pieces (the third was a present for my mom--she loved it!). Cannot speak more highly as to the quality of these necklaces (and their durability). I wear the Morgan practically everyday and it still looks like I just took it out of the box. Each time I wear my gemma haus necklaces someone comments on how striking and unique they are--without fail!

customer Arianne

necklace Paula

This necklace is perfect for any occasion and I love that the extender allows me to wear it at multiple lengths. Very well made!

customer Alexandra A

necklace Literally have 8 necklaces

Well, it’s safe to say I absolutely love this brand because I have at least 8 different necklaces. Luciana’s attention to detail and care for each of her pieces shines through in the outstanding quality of all of her necklaces. I never take the Morgan off and it hasn’t tarnished in the slightest. I’m obsessed!!

customer Anna K

necklace Krista

I'm a sucker for delicate gold necklaces and the Krista definitely doesn't disappoint! These necklaces are clearly well made-- the extender on this piece is very sturdy, unlike so many necklaces on the market these days. Everyone needs Gemma Haus in their wardrobe!

customer Sonia L

necklace Sonia

This necklace is perfect. It goes with any outfit and truly is beautiful.
Thank you Gemma Haus!

customer Paula S

necklace Paula

The Paula necklace is the perfect dainty star necklace. It lays perfectly flat and is a great addition to any outfit. Layers super cute with other gold necklaces!

customer Maggie C

necklace Margaret

Favorite necklace I own! Can be dressed up or down and has a very classic look.

customer Giselle C

necklace Ave

Love all the styles on this site! I am not a huge jewelry person, but I wear these necklaces every day. They are so cute and dainty - you can wear them with any style. I wear mine every day and they still have not tarnished. 
These necklaces are also the perfect gift. I have been giving them to all my friends and family for birthdays and holidays. Everyone loves!

customer Sonia

necklace Mona

Every too lazy/tired to take off your jewelry before you shower/workout? If so, then these necklaces are the ones for you. I wear them ALL DAY, EVERY DAY and have never experienced tarnish or breakage. Love, love love them!!

customer Margaret

necklace Mona

Love this choker! It's such great quality and so unique. I get so many compliments on it when I wear it out.